The Henry Smith Charity – Holiday Grants for Children – Applications accepted 3 July 2019 – 16 November 2019

The Holiday Grants programme provides grants for recreational trips and holidays for groups of children aged 13 and under in the UK who are disabled or disadvantaged.


AJ Muste Memorial Institute: Social Justice Grants Programme – Closing Date 08 Jul 2019

From its regular grant program, the Muste Institute makes about 8 to 10 grants annually of up to $2,000 for grassroots activist projects in the US and around the world, giving priority to those with small budgets and little access to more mainstream funding sources. There are no geographical restrictions.


Comic Relief: Global Health Matters – Closing Date 10 Jul 2019 (1:00pm)

Managed by the Community Foundation NI, this programme provides grants of up to £5000 to enable people with mental health problems to be able to access the support they need to recover and to be empowered to speak out and to live free from stigma and discrimination.


Comic Relief: Children Surviving and Thriving – Closing Date 10 Jul 2019 (1:00pm)

Managed by the Community Foundation NI, grants of up to £5000 are available to enable all children to survive and to achieve their potential during the first years of life – through good health, nutrition, opportunities for early learning, responsive and supportive caregiving, safety and protection.


National Geographic Society Grants – Closing Date 10 Jul 2019

The National Geographic Society offers Explorers a variety of funding opportunities in the fields of conservation, education, research, storytelling and technology.


Comic Relief: Fighting for Gender Justice – Closing Date 10 Jul 2019 (1:00pm)

Managed by the Community Foundation NI, grants of up to £5000 are available to enable all women and girls, both collectively and individually, to have equal power and agency in decision making at all levels and/or to eliminate violence and discrimination based on gender and sexuality.


Coca Cola Thank You Fund – Closing Date 12 Jul 2019 (Midnight)

The Fund was launched in 2011 to mark The Coca-Cola Company’s 125th anniversary and has run every year since.   The €100,000 Thank You Fund seeks to fund projects that inspire and support young people in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Any Irish non-profit organisation aimed towards promoting healthy, active lifestyles and environmental leadership in young people can enter, with monetary prizes from a €100,000 total fund.


Wolfson Foundation: Funding for secondary schools & sixth form colleges – Closing Date 15 Jul 2019 Stage 2 Deadline

The Wolfson Foundation support high-achieving state-funded secondary schools and sixth form colleges to improve the teaching of science, computer science, design & technology, art, languages and performing arts at GCSE and A-Level. Grants are generally awarded towards new builds, refurbishment and technical equipment.


Hedley Foundation – Meeting Date 17 Jul 2019

The Hedley Foundation is a grant giving charitable foundation which supports small to medium sized charities which work with young people.


Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust: Removing Barriers to Family Life – Large Grants Expression of Interest – Closing Date 18 Jul 2019

This programme aims to award grants to Armed Forces Charities or CICs or Armed Forces Units working with Armed Forces Families. This programme is about supporting Armed Forces Families facing challenges. Large grants will help to address substantial challenges; providing funding for transformative ideas. Medium grants will support projects that make a proven difference to Armed Forces Families and will support existing work. There is an overall budget of £7.5 million.


CLEAR Project -Small Grants Scheme 2019-20 Making Life Better and ‘Take 5’ Steps to Wellbeing Grants Funding – Closing Date 23 Jul 2019 (3.00 pm)

The Public Health Agency (PHA) have identified funding to address Health and Wellbeing in Northern Ireland. The Grants will support a wide range of strategic themes and priorities including:

  • ‘Making Life Better’ (Public health framework) priorities

Mental Heath, Emotional Well-being, Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm


DM Thomas Foundation for Young People – Closing Date Tuesday 23 Jul 2019

The DM Thomas Foundation are dedicated to helping disadvantaged and vulnerable young people and children transform their lives. Under their ABLE banner, their priority is to make a difference through targeted grant support, helping local and regional community groups and charities across the UK and Europe to deliver projects which provide access to opportunities and improve wellbeing.
Across their grant making processes, they prefer to fund projects which provide and facilitate access to education; provide tools and opportunities through equipment, facilities and training; and relieve suffering, improve treatment, care and wellbeing


Ecclesiastical Insurance: Movement for Good Awards – Closing Date 26 Jul 2019 for £50,000 Awards (11.59pm)

The Movement for Good awards is an online nomination scheme programme designed to give £1million to charities.  The aim is to put their giving directly into the hands of remarkable organisations (like yours perhaps) that are changing people’s lives for the better.  500 charities will be awarded £1,000 and 10 charities will be awarded £50,000.


Architectural Heritage Fund: Project Viability & Project Development Grants – Closing Date 29 Jul 2019 (over £7,500): 9am

The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) can provide grants to help with assessing the viability of a capital project involving a building, or to help fund development costs.


Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust – Grant Round 3 – 1st July – 31st July

The Austin and Hope Trust gives grants to UK registered charities towards projects carried out in the UK.


 NIHE: Rural Community Awards – Closing Date 31 Jul 2019!

Rural Community Awards aim to improve community spirit within rural neighbourhoods and encourage rural communities to protect the physical asset of the rural landscape and to celebrate their communities. On offer is a prize fund of £6,000, with six prizes of £1,000 being awarded to help and support those communities working to improve their respective area.


Golsoncott Foundation – Closing Date 31 Jul 2019
The Foundation’s aim is to promote the arts generally and in particular the fine arts and music – the key criterion is excellence. Projects involving young people should offer a long-lasting connection between them and the art-form and a significant level of participation and achievement at a high standard.  Their annual spend on grants is under £80,000.


Ironmongers Foundation – Closing Date 31 Jul 2019

The Ironmongers’ Company wishes to support projects that provide opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people to fulfil their potential.


Anchor Foundation – Closing Date 31 Jul 2019

Supporting Christian charities concerned with social inclusion, particularly through ministries of healing and the arts. Grants range from £500 to £10,000.


The United States Embassy London: Small Grants Programme – Closing Date 31 Jul 2019

The United States Embassy and Consulates in the United Kingdom offers small grants for outreach activities that enhance the understanding of the United States in the United Kingdom.


Radcliffe Trust: Heritage & Crafts Grants – Closing Date 31 Jul 2019

The Radcliffe Trust provides small grants in support of Heritage & Crafts.


Hope for Youth NI – Closing Date 31 Jul 2019

Hope for Youth NI provide grants of up to £5000 across NI for projects providing opportunities for young people aged 11-18 to come together from different cultural, ethnic or religious communities to work together on a creative, practical or outdoors project


Weavers’ Company Benevolent Fund – Closing Date 31 Jul 2019

Weaver Company Benevolent Fund’s principal aim is to support people in trouble, particularly young offenders and ex-offenders, and other disadvantaged young people. Preference is given to pump priming new projects, especially those which are innovatory and can serve as a model elsewhere.  In over 40 years the fund has disbursed more than £4 million supporting many worthwhile projects.


DWF Foundation – Deadline for September 2019 Grant Round 31 Jul 2019

The DWF Foundation, founded by DWF LLP provides funds, resources and support to help communities achieve their full potential.  The priorities for the Foundation are: Homelessness, Health & Wellbeing, Employability and Education.  Since the launch of the DWF Foundation in December 2015 they have awarded 99 grants totalling over £224,000


UnLtd Grow It Award – Expression of Interest opening date 01 Aug 2019

The Grow It Award is for social entrepreneurs looking to scale their venture providing tailored support, access to workshops and networks, and up to £15,000 cash. This Award has replaced their Fast Growth and Build It Awards, combining experience of helping social entrepreneurs achieve scale.


GC Gibson Charitable Trust Grants – Application Opening Date 01 Aug 2019

The GC Gibson Charitable trust was established in 1968.  Support is mainly for small and medium sized charities operating in the UK. Funding is often provided for many years and the trustees put no restrictions on expenditure. Each year a few appeals are supported and new charities introduced.  Grants are between £1,000 and £10,000.


The Marc Fitch Fund – Closing Date 01 Aug 2019

The Marc Fitch Fund is an educational charity which makes small grants towards the costs of publishing scholarly work in the fields of British and Irish national, regional and local history, archaeology, antiquarian studies, historical geography, the history of art and architecture, heraldry, genealogy and surname studies, archival research, artefact conservation and the broad fields of the heritage, conservation and the historic environment.


Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation – Closing Date 05 Aug 2019

Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation makes donations of up to £1,000 to UK registered charities towards practical items that directly support those in need including those with disabilities, affected by homelessness, or with serious health issues.


09 Aug 2019 – Comic Relief: Ahead of the Game – Sport and Mental Health – Second stage application deadline 09 Aug 2019, 1200 GMT

Comic Relief has launched this funding call with two aims; firstly, it aims to support new or existing work that combines sports based approaches with quality mental health support to reduce distress and/or improve mental wellbeing and to contribute to the growing body of evidence by learning from projects about what approaches are effective for whom, in what contexts. The fund will support work in the United Kingdom, Ghana, Uganda and Rwanda. Funding is available for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years. Applications are welcome for a minimum of £150,000 and a maximum of £450,000.


Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust – Closing Date 19 Aug 2019, 12 noon

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) is a Quaker trust which seeks to transform the world by supporting people who address the root causes of conflict and injustice.


British & Foreign School Society: Grants to Charities – Closing Date 2019 (Round 3) 19 Aug 2019

The British & Foreign School Society gives grants to charities for educational activities. Grants for education projects are given up to a total of around £1m in any one year. Grants are given to organisations with UK charitable status and are for the purpose of advancing educational opportunity in the UK and developing countries. The Society no longer makes grants for individuals.


European Commission: Horizon 2020 – Horizon 2020 Cleanest engine of the future Prize Deadline – Closing Date 20 Aug 2019

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020).


Enkalon Foundation – Closing Date: Wednesday 21 Aug 2019

Since 1985 Enkalon Foundation awards have been are open to community groups and organisations across Northern Ireland. Historically the range of applicants has ranged from youth groups, senior citizens clubs, charities, self help groups, animal welfare, arts and mental health groups. The Enkalon Foundation is a local grant-making trust which makes small grants primarily in the fields of cross-community, unemployment and generally helping disadvantaged people.


Dunhill Medical Trust – Research project grants outline application deadline 30 Aug 2019, 5pm

The Dunhill Medical Trust is a UK-based charitable trust which invests in innovation in the care of older people and research into the causes and treatments of disease, disability and frailty relating to ageing.


The Inman Charity – Closing Date for Autumn Director’s Meeting 31 Aug 2019

A small trust making annual distributions of over £300,000 in grants to a wide range of UK Registered Charities.


Royal Society of Chemistry Grants – The Water Science Bursary – Closing Date 31 Aug 2019

They provide funding opportunities to support their members and wider community in many ways, and at every career stage. Funding available for Chemistry travel and events, research and education and outreach.


William and Jane Morris Fund: Church Conservation Grants – Closing Date 31 Aug 2019

This church conservation scheme awards grants of £500-£5000 to churches, chapels and other places of worship in the United Kingdom for the conservation of decorative features and monuments, but not structural repairs.


Radcliffe Trust: Music Grants – Closing Date 31 Aug 2019

The Radcliffe Trust provides small grants in support of Music.  Grants are generally in the region of £1,000-£5,000.


Will Charitable Trust – Cancer Care Closing Date 31 Aug 2019

The Will Charitable Trust was established in 1990 by private philanthropy as a charity making grants to other charities in specific fields of activity defined in their grants policy.  The Will Charitable Trust provides funding to charities operating in the fields of Blindness; Learning Disabilities; and Cancer.


Waterloo Foundation – Marine Closing Date 01 Sept 2019

The Waterloo Foundation (TWF) is an independent grant-making Foundation, most interested in projects that help globally, with particular focus on the disparity of opportunities, wealth and the unsustainable use of the world’s natural resources.


Wolfson Foundation – Arts and Humanities – Stage 2 – Closing Date 01 Sept 2019

The Wolfson Foundation has a long history of supporting the arts and humanities – in recognition of the UK’s strength in this area and the importance of the cultural sector both to the economy and in enriching society. 


Wolfson Foundation – Science and Medicine – Autumn Stage 2 – Closing Date 01 Sep 2019

In recent years, the area of Science and Medicine has received the highest proportion of the Wolfson Foundation’s funding – recognising the importance of science and medicine to society and the economy, as well as the relatively high cost of the infrastructure underpinning much of current research endeavour.


R V W Trust – Closing Date 01 Sept 2019

The R V W Trust supports the advancement of public appreciation of and education in music.


Greenhall Foundation – Opening Date 01 Sept 2019

The objective of the Green Hall Foundation is to sustainably improve lives: among the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged particularly in the UK. Overseas projects are also supported provided that the applicant charity is registered in the UK.


Wolfson Foundation – Health and Disability – Autumn Stage 2 Closing Date 01 Sept 2019

The Wolfson Foundation funds new buildings, refurbishments and equipment for a range of organisations delivering excellent care and support. This funding tends to focus on enhancing care, providing better opportunities and improving quality of life. The Foundation has awarded over £35 million to more than 200 different organisations over the last ten years. 


Kelly Family Charitable Trust – Closing Date 01 Sept 2019

The Kelly Family Charitable Trust was founded in 2004 as a grant-giving body.  They’re interested in funding registered charities whose activities involve all or most family members, where possible, in initiatives that seek to tackle problems facing one or more of its members. 


Open –  Peter Harrison Foundation: Opportunities Through Sport

Supports sporting activities or projects which provide opportunities for people who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged to fulfil their potential and to develop other personal and life skills.


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