NTR Wind Farm Community Benefit Funds are open from now until January 10th January, 2020.

NTR Funds included in the 2019 call are as follows:

− Altaveedan Wind Farm, Co Antrim £10,625
− Castlecraig Wind Farm, Co Tyrone £42,500
− Ora More Wind Farm, Co Fermanagh £7,650

Area of Benefit (AOB) Altaveedan & Ora More The area of benefit for Altaveedan and Ora More wind farms is 5km.

Castlecraig The area of benefit will include the catchments of Drumquin, Ederney / Lack and Killeter / Killen.

The NTR Wind Farms Community Funds The funds aim to support community and voluntary projects which are located near to Altaveedan, Castlecraig and Ora More wind farms. Organisations currently supported by the wind farms are eligible to apply, however, it should be noted that such applications may not be prioritised. The fund supports projects / activities which clearly contribute to at least one of the following categories:

• Health and wellbeing • Village and community enhancement • Sport, leisure and recreation • Social Inclusion, including children, youth and active retired age groups • Community infrastructure • Environmental projects, including biodiversity and habitat conservation Sample Projects • Renovation or upgrade of community buildings or facilities • Purchase of equipment for use by community groups or clubs • Outdoor classroom or friendship gardens for preschool and school age children

The NTR Wind Farm Community Benefit Funds provides an excellent opportunity for local community groups to develop projects in proximity to NTR wind farms. The eligibility criteria are broad, and many types of projects are eligible to apply. If you are unsure about a possible project, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to advise.

With regards to large community infrastructure projects, it is possible to submit an application requesting funding on a multi annual basis. If your group decides to submit a project of this nature, please ensure you give a clear explanation of the proposed funding model, and of project impact. It would be hugely beneficial to discuss potential multi annual projects with SECAD in advance, so we can help guide your application.
Please don’t hesitate to contact SECAD if you need any help or assistance with your application. If there are any other community groups in your area that you feel may be interested in finding out about the NTR Wind Farm Community Benefit Funds, please don’t hesitate to pass along these details and contact information.

Further information and the Online Application Form can be found at www.communitybenefitfunds.ie/ntr

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