A community support model

We are aware that many local groups and clubs are setting up support systems for the elderly and vulnerable in their community

Please visit our facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/omaghforumforruralassociations/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel  to see some of these and for regular updates.

We have some information on a Scottish model of good practice and full details with instructions and  templates for your group to use for those self-isolating and using whatsapp to keep in touch.

This is just one model groups might consider using.  Our role in Omagh Forum is to share good practice examples of how a local community can coordinate a response locally during the pandemic. It is vital that many of our community groups are engaged in supporting responses at a local level – please go to our website where you can download the forms on the Scottish model and for key bits of information on how community groups can make a difference locally, latter available on facebook also.

Galson Estate Trust letter to stakeholders

CLS Self Isolation form

Notes for Whatsapp number collectors

Whatsapp number collection



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